The Music Fest is already planned for the Granfondo Village

Among the many events that are being prepared for the Granfondo Città di Ragusa Village, the first with an already definitive program is perhaps one of the most anticipated: the musical one!

With the artistic direction of Angelo Carnemolla and with Maurizio Mezzasalma as stage presenter, various musical groups will take turns on stage on Friday and Saturday. The musical party, for both days, will begin at 7pm and will accompany you until 11pm and, as strongly desired by the Granfondo Committee, we will be honored to see artists from the entire Province of Ragusa on stage.
Definitely an event not to be missed, as well as yet another reason for participants to anticipate their arrival in the Province of Ragusa and seize the wonderful opportunity to do some tourism in the province with its 18 UNESCO sites.